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The history of the A.E.A.O.N.M.S. 

To know our history, you must first know the history of AEAONMS. John George Jones, the founder, is said to have been introduced to the ritualistic mysteries of the Order by one Ali Rofelt Pasha, Deputy and representative from the Grand Council of Arabia, during the World’s Colombian Exposition in Chicago in 1893. In September of 1889, Isaac L.W. Holland, the Illustrious Potentate of Pyramid Temple in Philadelphia, sent out a call to members of Prince Hall Shrine Temples within the nation to meet with him for the purpose of reorganizing the Imperial Grand Council. On December 12, 1900, a meeting was held in Philadelphia with officers and members attending from Temples in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and from Alexandria, Virginia, At this meeting the Imperial Council was reorganized and the order adopted a new name: Imperial Council of the Ancient Egyptian Arabic Order Nobles Mystic Shrine of North and South America and its Jurisdiction, Incorporated.

On May 29, 1901, A charter was issued to Palestine Temple Mobile, Alabama and signed by John G Jones. Palestine was established. The years following, the temple was resolved due to tumultuous times. In 1906 however, Palestine Temple was re-established under a new charter Palestine Temple # 18.  Palestine Temple # 18 is part of 250 Constituted Temples worldwide. Palestine Temple #18 is a fraternal organization of men who are dedicated to brotherhood, compassion, and service to others. Currently Palestine Temple #18 continue to serve the community in varies charitable endeavors to include but not limited to working and serving with the Salvation Army, Ronald McDonald House, Child Advocacy Center, and SAMS mentoring programs. Our Christmas in July program conducts a bicycle and toy drive for distribution to varies families during Christmas. In addition to helping feed the needy at the Salvation Army we provide full uncooked meals to 20 families throughout our Mobile and Washington County.

 Our National Diabetes Initiative is part of a national program to assist the National Diabetes Association in combating diabetes. Palestine Temple # 18 conducts a back to school drive and donate the school supplies to schools in the Mobile County area. We also provide two annual scholarships for deserving students. Voter Registration is also a program initiative that is part of our duty, providing voter registration education.

Palestine Temple # 18 has a fun side. During Parade seasons and other events like Easter Celebrations, we have several auxiliary’s that include a Quad Unit, Clowns, Go Cart Unit and Bicycle Unit. We participate with our invited guest in tailgating festivities at the Annual HBCU football game here in Mobile, Alabama.



WE PLEDGE OURSELVES, as citizens, to conduct ourselves with due propriety, conforming to our established laws, in cooperation with our nation and its authorized officials.

WE PLEDGE OURSELVES, to maintain exacting high standards in our respective community life, that “DEMOCRACY” may become a living reality.

WE PLEDGE OURSELVES, to the promotion, along with other thoughtful citizens, of modern and practical legislation enacted by any government agency that will redound to the benefit of our “AMERICAN” way of life.

WE PLEDGE OURSELVES, to support duly constituted authority for the elimination of anti-social conditions, wherever found to exist, that we and all other people may enjoy a rich, round and full life.

WE PLEDGE OURSELVES, to morally support and encourage every social agency that has for its purpose the maintenance of the highest ideals of the people of the nation.

WE PLEDGE OURSELVES, to cooperate fully in disseminating “TRUTH”, among the people of the earth, to the end that “DEMOCRACY” shall prevail forever, and the peace of every nation be preserved.

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