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Imperial Court an Auxiliary to the A.E.A.O.N.M.S. Inc.

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Palestine Court #49
Oasis of Mobile
Desert of Alabama


Palestine Court No. 49 is a constituent of the Imperial Court DOI which is an Auxiliary of the A.E.A.O.N.M.S of North and South America and Its Jurisdiction, Inc. Our membership is primarily composed of wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, widows, nieces, and granddaughters of Nobles and Daughters of the Organization. 

Palestine Court was organized on June 11, 1921 and received its charter on August 4, 1921.

Palestine Court No. 49 has been moving forward and striving to provide community outreach throughout the Oasis of Mobile. The way we bring outreach and awareness is through charitable donations and hands on service throughout the community.

We give back to the schools, help feed the less fortunate, donate to shelters, as well as prepare meals and donate supplies to the families at the Ronald McDonald House to name a few. We also do Church visitation and congregate. We continue to bring and raise awareness on diseases that affect our communities such as Diabetes, Sickle Cell, different forms of Cancer and many other diseases. We help the local blood bank by initiating blood drives within our community.

The youth is our future and we offer a mentoring, social development skills, and outings through our Daughters of Imperial Mentoring Excellence program (D.I.M.E.). We also have a clown unit, Belle Figlie, and they continue to spread joy and comfort to our local hospitals, daycares and Veterans and Nursing homes.

Palestine Court No. 49 is an example of women with ambition, dedication, and drive. This is a hardworking court and we have some great hard working and dedicated daughters in the Oasis of Mobile. Do you have what it takes to be apart of this wonderful Court?

History of Palestine Court #49

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